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Facing an unplanned pregnancy—your options

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The decision you are about to make will be one of the most significant in your life. Whatever you decide, whether it be keeping your baby, abortion or adoption, it will be a life changing experience. It is important that you take the time to think clearly and rationally about your next step, which can be difficult at this time. Most of our mums just want the whole issue to go away. Sometimes family and partners are not supportive.

Phone or call in to see us, and be assured that you will be made to feel comfortable to share your story with one of our support team members. Together we can explore all your options and give you information about the support available to you from services throughout the Loddon Mallee Region. Any contact you have with us is free and absolutely confidential.

Women are remarkably resilient and able to overcome obstacles. This can be made easier when they have access to support and resources to help them. We offer assistance through our own network of support and there is also information available through other community organisations and various government agencies.

Did you know that almost half of all pregnancies in Australia are unplanned? In the last few decades there has been a huge increase in the acceptance of single and unmarried parents, as well as improved government support. The definition of family is changing, with one-parent families now accounting for around one in five families. Women today can feel less anxious about community attitudes to them having a baby when they are young or unmarried.

You might find it is useful to review our online information pages about the options of abortion and adoption and also other linked websites for information. Or you can complete our Choices documents, which helps you work through how each option will affect you, your baby’s father and your family, not just now but in the future also. It also gets you thinking about the practical consequences of your decision for work, finances and future plans.

Our information is evidence-based, and is supported by studies which avoid bias on either side of the abortion debate. You have the right to exercise free will in making your decision, without feeling pressure from family, friends or others. Our role is to support you through this decision making process—not to tell you what to do. Together we will explore all the options available to you. You will also have the opportunity to hear what others have done in your situation, which may help you work out what is best for you. We offer referrals to professional health services and will help you find the best care. 

If you decide to proceed with an abortion, it is important that you know The Gianna Centre does not refer for abortion. Whatever you decide to do, your decision will be respected and The Gianna Centre will be here to offer ongoing support for as long as you need it. It can be hard to look beyond the next few weeks, and this may feel overwhelming. Good support is so important right now. Please don’t feel alone. You are welcome to visit us (you can bring parents, friends or partner if you wish). It’s a good idea to call beforehand on 0419 496 443 or 0428 400 159 and make a time that suits.