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Premature Babies

In Australia each year 1 in 10 babies are born premature (before 37 weeks gestation) and approximately 15% of all babies require some form of extra care at birth.*

Experiencing the arrival of your new child before 37 weeks of gestation can be stressful for parents. Parents of premature babies often go through emotional ups and downs of the first weeks or months of their baby's life. 

As parents it can be tough, challenging and rewarding having a premature baby. At the Gianna Centre we can provide emotional support to you through these times. For support contact our Centre to arrange an appointment.

Visit the following websites for more information or Telephone Support Lines for Premature Babies:

Better Health Channel

mother newborn baby 250

Raising Children

Miracles Babies Foundation - 1300 622 243 (24 hr Support Line)

Life's Little Foundation - 1300 697 736 (24 hr Support Line)

The National Premmie Foundation


* The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s Australia’s Mothers and Babies report 


Some views expressed on these websites may not necessarily express the views of The Gianna Centre and are an advisory option only.