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Our Pregnancy & Family Planning Support

The Gianna Centre is privileged to offer support to Mums and Dads throughout their pregnacy journey. This support encompasses mothers and fathers with a planned pregnancy, some with an unplanned pregnancy, and those trying to fall pregnant.

Pregnancy should be one of the most exciting times in a woman's life and for many Mums this is the case. It is a delight for our volunteers to offer support throughout pregnancy and thereafter to share in the excitement of a new baby's arrival! Practical items, emotional support and professional referrals are available for all Mums (and Dads) who may wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

Check our our 'Looking After Yourself Whilst Pregnant' page for lots of healthly tips to help ensure you have the best possible pregnancy and follow the growth of your baby through the weeks on our 'Your Growing Baby During Pregnancy' page. 

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Sometimes parents are given the heartbreaking news that their unborn baby has a disability, or is sick and may die before or soon after birth. At the Gianna Centre we can help you work through your decision as you consider your options and how they will affect you, both now and in the future.

girl pregnancy test 250For some Mum's however, a pregnancy may be a shock, unplanned, or their situation may change them to consider a termimation/abortion. Facing an unwanted pregnancy can be a lonely journey. Check out our 'Facing an unplanned pregnancy - your options' page for more information and know that you are not alone.

upset closeup 250Infertility is another journey many couples and individuals undertake. Before considering IVF, it can be a good idea to have a full health and fertility assessment. Seeking professional medical advice and assistance in preparation for pregnancy and management of subfertility using Fertility Awareness Methods can be highly benefical. The Gianna Centre can organise referrals and support you through this process. Check out our 'Learn the Billings Ovulation Method' page and Infertility Support page for more information.

distantcouple 250Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy, but you're not sure of all your options or what is involved with the adoption process. We can support you to access information and to make your own informed decision.

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The Gianna Centre believes women should have complete and accurate information about the abortion decision which includes the physical and psychological risks of abortion. We can support you through your decision making process whatever you decide.

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Would your lifestyle be enhanced if you could...

Manage your fertility naturally? No pills, drugs or devices, avoid pregnancy or achieve pregnancy naturally? Manage peri-menopause naturally?

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As a parent it can be tough, challenging and rewarding having a premature baby. We can emotionally support you through these times.


Your baby's journey from conception to birth. Discover how your baby grows during your 40 weeks of pregnancy.