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Our Services

**Dear Caller, The Gianna Centre is OPEN for support to all.

(Due to Covid-19 however, our Centre is temporarily closed).

Please call the numbers below and one of our team will be happy to assist you with all services related to Gianna:

Family and Individual Support/Enquiries:

0428 400 159 or 0419 496 443


0417 392 255

Stay safe & keep well - from all of us at Gianna.   Thankyou.**


The Gianna Centre is an independent and Child Safe Organisation. Practical assistance, emotional support, professional referrals and education are the underpinning supports of the centre.

The Centre offers:

  • Peer Support Groups:

Whilst we are not a counselling, medical or legal centre, all services offered by The Gianna Centre are supported by the opportunity for referral to an accrediated professional health and welfare organisation. We offer face to face appointments with one of our support team members. Please contact our Centre for support or for further information.

Visit our Emergency Contact (click here) page for the list of emergency telephone helplines for assistance.


*subject to funding availability.

**subject to availability.