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How Can We Help?

Many of the individuals and families we assist are experiencing difficulties and hardship. Many are feeling overwhelmed. We work with individuals and families facing the day to day challenges of life, mental health issues, personal, relationship and financial difficulties.

As well as assisting with emergency relief, we offer emotional suport - sometimes we simply need someone to listen to us, without being judged or being told what to do. It can be a relief to talk to someone and work through thoughts and feelings. We all deserve to have our grief, pain, exhaustion, loneliness, frustration and hurt acknowledged.  Talking through things can be the first step towards finding meaning in life, true happiness, independence and wellbeing. 

We also arrange referrals to professional counsellors and a multitude of service providers who can further support individual needs. The Gianna Centre helps manage the challenges in life by providing evidence based education and information on issues such as personal development, parenting skills, budgeting strategies and overall health and wellbeing.

Where there is a genuine need we can provide Emergency Relief* - prescription medication, formula and nappies (subject to funding availablity).

We also can provide Material Aid including* - cots, infant car restraints, prams, strollers, breast-pumps (Australian Standards apply), material clothing, newborn - 2 year old infant clothing, mother & father pamper packs.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.girl field upset 250


What is Emergency Relief?

Ever wondered exactly what Emergency Relief is?

'What is Emergency Relief' - is a great new video out now showing what emergency relief is and how it works.

Watch the video to find out more!

(Download Emergency Relief Video Click here).


Visit our Emergency Contact (click here) page for the list of emergency telephone helplines for assistance. 


*Subject to availability.