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The Gianna Centre is privileged to welcome an increasing number of men, dads and grand-dads to our centre of all ages.

The centre values with great respect the dignity of all men and the crucial role of dads in raising their children. 

Men visit our centre for all sorts of reasons. Some have expressed their hurt/disappointment at being 'left out', 'excluded from' or having their thoughts and feelings ' disregarded' in terms of pregnancy decisions, loss of a baby, loss of a relationship, loss of employment and other life changing situations. 

Our experience at The Gianna Centre is that men grieve differently to women, being less inclined to seek help or express their feelings. We commend those individuals who put their hand up for a little support to get back on their feet. 

Our MensLink service has been established to ensure that men are linked in with the array of professional health and welfare service providers to assist in whatever their needs may be.

These services include linking men with other men's/dads groups, support for mental health issues, alcohol, drug, gambling addiction, anger management, Quit smoking and better health opportunities.

Again, our 'cup of tea' service; one on one chat is always available.

We remind that The Gianna Centre is not a counselling, medical or legal centre, however advocacy and professional referrals are on offer.


There are also a number of websites that have useful information:

Mensline Australia - www.mensline.org.au

Relationships Australia - www.relationships.org.au

Dads4Kids - www.fatherhood.org.au

Bendigo Dads Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/bendigodads/ 


Visit our Emergency Contact (click here) page for the list of emergency telephone helplines for men in distress or in need of assistance.


Some views expressed on this website may not necessarily express the views of The Gianna Centre and are an advisory option only. 

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