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motherbaby 250"You listened to me and gave me someone to talk to. You helped me when I was pregnant and really needed assistance."

- Melissa*, age 21


"I was very happy with The Gianna Centre they were understanding and helpful."

- John*, age 30


"A very helpful service offering a broad range of assistance. Gave immediate help when needed."

- Liz*, age 42


"Would not be around today except for The Gianna Centre. Everything has guided and helped."

- Jasmin*, age 20


"All the services provided are wonderful. Support regarding stillbirth of son and SANDS referral. The support is wonderful."

- Rebecca*, age 35


"They helped me when most needed. They gave me options about the pregnancy. I had someone to talk to outside of the family. You were always there for me. The emotional support kept me going - there was just so much. Thank you."

- Janet*, age 44


"Four months ago I found out I was pregnant and was very unsure what to do. The Gianna Centre showed me hope and gave me the confidence that I would be able to cope. From emotional support to basic and essential goods needed for a baby, The Gianna Centre has been there to help and assist in any way possible. No ask is too big or too small.

With their mobile number I never feel unsupported. I can walk in there on short notice and talk about anything, even if it has nothing to do with the pregnancy.

The Gianna Centre gave me the chance to speak about the ups and downs I have experienced throughout my life at a high school. While terrifying, it was an amazing feeling knowing that my story could potentially prevent others going through the rough experiences I went through because of my bad choices.

The women at the Gianna Centre are kind, caring, understanding and, most importantly, not judgemental. I would recommend the Gianna Centre to anyone—even if they just need to get some little problems off their chest.

My thanks and gratitude go out to the volunteers at the Gianna Centre; without their support I don’t know where I’d be."

- Amy

caring lady 250"I have come from a very unsafe and negative environment where, if I stayed, it wouldn’t have been a safe or pleasant place for my unborn baby or myself. I came to Bendigo and was placed in a refuge, then allocated a case manager to help put me in the right direction. The Gianna Centre was a wonderful service they put me in touch with. I was told this service would help me with concerns or worries that I had been experiencing and would provide support in many different ways. When I was introduced to two lovely ladies from the centre we had the opportunity to sit down together and have a really good talk about what was going on and how I was feeling about everything. They were extremely understanding and supportive of everything we discussed; they made me feel very comfortable and provided me with encouraging advice. Since then I have had regular contact with the centre. I’ve been given opportunities to join supportive groups with women in similar situations, which I’ve jumped at. This has made me feel more grounded and happy about the changes I’ve made in my life. Not only has the Gianna Centre supported me emotionally and socially, they haven’t hesitated to provide me with things I need for when my baby is born. They have really helped me in so many ways and I really appreciate what they have done for me and, even more, what they continue to do for other women."

- Kristy

girl helped 250"I was warmly welcomed by the ladies at the Gianna Centre when we first met a few years ago.

I have been helped in many ways with personal issues and learning to cope with what I was and am going through in my personal life. The choice was always mine in the end but to be guided through and shown the options was an enormous help.

Since then I have devoted my time to helping the centre to grow, as I truly believe in what they are about, such as offering a range of support information to all people—male and female, young and old and from all walks of life—who need the support in many aspects of their lives, just as I needed it. I am honestly proud to be part of the centre and to share my time with these loving, caring and generous women."

- Di


* Names have been changed to protect the individuals privacy.