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Our Emblem - The Dragonfly

The-Gianna-Centre-Logo 250The dragonfly has been around for almost 300 million years, and has been an object of fascination wherever it is found. Different cultures have evolved unique myths and meanings surrounding this beautiful little creature. 

In many cultures the dragonfly symbolises change and new life. As it leaves its watery origins it emerges into new beginnings, ready to fulfil its true potential. Like the dragonfly, we grow and mature into new strengths as we face challenges in our lives.

The dragonfly also represents strength and poise. A dragonfly is extremely agile, able to hover in one spot and fly in every direction (even backwards) at 60km per hour! And it does all this with elegance and grace. Our clients are often surprised to discover their own strength as they work through difficult experiences and move in new directions.

Many cultures look upon the dragonfly as a symbol of living life to the fullest and seeing beyond our limitations. It represents the importance of working out what you want for yourself in life— what will make you feel happy and fulfilled—and striving to reach it.

The leading dragonfly in the Gianna logo represents our amazing clients, heading into their new life filled with endless possibilities along the way. The dragonfly in the background represents the Gianna Centre, offering support and encouragement.