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About Us

The Gianna Centre Logo 250At The Gianna Centre we provide a welcoming environment to help people through a challenging time, whether that be with pregnancy, parenting, relationships, fertility, loss & grief, and related issues. Our service is run by empathetic and kind-hearted volunteers.

Some services we offer are as follows:

  • Professional referrals
  • Emergency relief and material aid
  • Emotional encouragement
  • Listening ear and support
  • Peer support groups – Gianna Mums Connect, Gianna MensLink, Gianna Craft group and Baby Loss Peer Support
  • Parenting Education Program – held quarterly
  • School Education Workshops


Our Background

The Gianna Centre was founded in 2004 and named by one of our founding members.  This member was passionate about caring for individuals and families who had fallen on difficult times and who simply needed a hand to get back on their feet.  Like Gianna Beretta Molla (see more information below), she had a particular empathy for young mums – particularly those facing an unplanned pregnancy or raising children on their own.  Gianna surrounded her clients with genuine respect, support, and encouragement.  The Gianna Centre continues this legacy today, in offering help, hope and care to the many mums, dads and individuals who visit our centre.

giannaberettamolla 175Gianna Beretta Molla (1922-1962) was a wife, mother, and doctor.  Born in Magenta, Italy. An active member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Gianna earned degrees in medicine and surgery from the University of Pavia and opened a clinic in Mesero.

In 1955, she married Pietro Molla. She and Peter had three children, Pierlluigi, Maria Zita and Laura.
Early in the pregnancy for her fourth child, doctors discovered that Gianna had both a child and a tumor in her uterus. With great faith and courage, Gianna made a choice that enabled her child to be born. She allowed the surgeons to remove the tumor but not to perform the complete hysterectomy that they recommended, which would have killed her child. Seven months later, Gianna Emanuela was born.  The following week Gianna died in Monza of complications from childbirth. She is buried in Mesero. Gianna's daughter Gianna Emanuela has gone on to become a physician herself and continues the legacy of her mother.

Our Mission, Vision Statements and Values

Our Mission

To offer hope, through listening and caring for men, women and young people, in a confidential, positive and supportive way.

Our Vision 

To empower individuals and families to achieve independence and happiness through practical assistance, emotional support, education, information and professional referrals.

Our Values

SUPPORT - We offer Help, Hope & Care.

RESPECT - We genuinely care about our families and individuals and strive to treat them with the dignity they are deserving of. We respect their own unique needs and particular circumstances – ‘their story'.

EMPATHY - We endeavour to make every effort to understand and gain insight into the thoughts and feelings of our families and individuals.

INTEGRITY - We are honest and straightforward with all our interactions with people.

DIVERSITY - We respect diversity. We are non-judgemental in dealings with all.

COLLABORATION - Working with our families and individuals, volunteers and other welfare & health service professionals in achieving best possible outcomes.

TRANSPARENCY - WWe are open and honest in our communications.

CONFIDENTIALITY - We respect the confidence of our clients.

The Gianna Centre's principles and values are espoused in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Gianna Centre is an independent, non-denominational and non-political organisation that is staffed by volunteers coming from a diverse range of all backgrounds.

Information is available online about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our Annual Report

The Gianna Centres Annual Report provides an overview of our activities during each 12-month period (July-June). This includes details of our services and programs activities, evaluation, and financial report for that period.

To download a copy please click on the following: