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Our Loss & Grief Support

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Loss and grief presents itself in many forms.

Loss of a loved one, of health, of physical capacity, of mental health, of general health, of partner's health, of independence, of a loved pet, employment, happiness, hope...the list goes on.

Many of The Gianna Centre volunteers have experienced such losses. We offer the 'cup of tea service' to simply provide someone to listen - someone who may in some way understand the depth of your loss.

There are times when we needn't be alone and simply sharing our story can ease the loneliness of our personal situation. Sometimes sharing our particular story with someone outside our immediate circle of family and friends can be of comfort. We may see a different perspective, discuss options that hadn't previously come to mind and look for a best case scenario with one of our support team members in a confidential setting.  

The Gianna Centre can also be your stepping stone to an array of professional health and welfare service providers within the community should you wish to take up this opportunity. Please direct calls to our Support Service mobiles: 0419 496 443 or 0428 400 159.

Peer Support Groups are another opportunity available through The Gianna Centre. 

Support groups provide a safe environment for people to share their thoughts, acknowledge their emotions, gain insights from those further along in their grief and help to develop skills to assist them on their grief journey. Peer support groups are all about connection - a warm and safe place to be.

It is very humbling when families and individuals share such a private aspect of their personal journey and we hope that all benefit in some way through their involvement with our peer support groups families.

Visit our Emergency Contact (click here) page for the list of emergency telephone helplines for assistance.

The Gianna Centre is pleased to offer or be in partnership with the following services:

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Our C.A.S. service is all about pre and post abortion care. Facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy is not uncommon. It can be comforting to know you are not alone and to speak with others who have shared this journey. This is an opportunity to explore all options regarding pregnancy, to draw your own conclusions and to make your own decisions.

Some women and men regret or are sad about their abortion/termination decision. Many individuals and families have faced the decision of a medical termination. Support is on offer to all - to acknowledge and honour their babies with empathic care, respect and dignity.

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The Gianna Centre, in conjunction with Remembrance Parks Central Victoria, has established a beautiful Memorial Wall where individuals and families can honour their little loved ones by placing a plaque in precious memory.

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The Gianna Centre offers our 'Gianna Post Suicide Care' service to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. There are few words to describe the pain of losing a special person in such tragic circumstances - there are so many unanswered questions. This is a unique grief GPS Care offers a safe place to be.

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Sands Australia - offering stillbirth, newborn death and miscarriage support. Sands Australia - Bendigo support group meets monthly to offer support to families who have lost their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. Our Sands Australia Bendigo family is a relaxed and welcoming group for mums and dads. There is no pressure to say or do anything - it can be comforting to know that others may understand our pain. All are welcome.

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Our peer support group: T.C.F.V. - supporting parents when a child dies.

The T.C.F.V. support group meet monthly in Bendigo. Meetings are held for any bereaved parent/brother/sister or grandparent who would like to meet others who truly understand and care.